Senior Care Franchise

ADL Caring CompanionsWhat Makes Us Different

Culture, Team, Systems and Experience.

Prior to launching our franchise offering, we became one of the largest providers of Private Duty, In-Home Senior Care services in the two metropolitan areas we serve. When we started our offices in San Antonio and Dallas, there were plenty of competitors already open. All businesses have competition and the senior care market is no different. Our franchisees will not only have the benefit of our experience, but also the comprehensive business and marketing systems that have gotten us where we are today. Looking back over the last  seven years, there isn’t one big thing that’s made our business successful. Instead, it’s all the little things we’ve been able to identify and include in our senior care franchise that keep us a leader in the field.

Our Ideal Franchise Owner

Not everyone will qualify to become an ADL Caring Companions franchise owner. Meeting the capital requirements is only one criteria, but not the only one. Our goal is to build a network of successful franchise owners who do as well in their own franchise areas as we are doing in our original locations. We’re looking for the right combination of talents, abilities, and skill sets as well as a desire to really learn and follow our system. Our franchise territories are very generous compared to most other franchises and, as a franchise owner, you can really spread your wings and grow your business. We’re only interested in people that are serious about growing a substantial business and becoming real players in their markets.

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